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Debunker is a point and click adventure game in which you play Stan, a famous TV Star, who holds the Show Debunker, in which he offers 4 millions to anyone who can prove that he has paranormal powers... You will fight mediums, satanists, artificial intelligence, and more... Ready for Debunking Time ?

English and French languages supported.

Game in development. Any feedback is appreciated.

Twitter : @DebunkerStan

SPOILER ALERT // SPOILER ALERT : for those who get stuck with garage AI puzzle, here is the  solution : - set vigilance on NORMAL - then set energy on 2,0. 

Updated 24 days ago
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
AuthorNorman Bates
GenreAdventure, Interactive Fiction, Visual Novel
Made withUnity, Aseprite
Tags2D, Comedy, Pixel Art, Point & Click, Retro, Singleplayer, Story Rich
Average sessionA few minutes
LanguagesEnglish, French
AccessibilitySubtitles, One button


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funny game ! can’t wait to investigate the secret cult ! keep doing it pls 

We should not talk about such a thing publicly... but as far as i know they are planning something big for the next episodes... ;-)

Really cool game.  I love this style  of game.  The retro point and clock pixel graphics.  BTW I left you a good review, I look forward to playing chapter 1 :)

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Thanks man ! Your run is quite perfect you completed the demo with all the missions, bravo :-) Thanks a lot for the positive reviews it gives a lot of motivation. And spoiler alert : Chapter 1 will be a giant step forward for the game... so stay tuned ! 


I'm a big fan of the retro point and click style games, this game was brilliant.  I am genuinely excited to see the release of chapter 1.  Keep up the good work :)

I really loved every moment of the game, it is very high quality in terms of art and sound, did not expect this much polish at all. Do need to throw a small complaint about the puzzles though, besides one bein broken, it is hard to understand what is the expected result. Need to try to do your best to avoid 'Monkey Island' level of complexity, while I don't think this game gets there, it is something to keep in mind. 

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Thanks man !! You can't imagine how much your vid and your feedbacks at the end are helping me. And again sorry you're version was broken... may i ask : were you playing on linux or PC ?

The puzzles difficulty will be corrected in the next update. In the future i don't think the game will rely so much on puzzles. I heard feedbacks and i see how frustrating it can be, so i will correct this. And polish the english version. Thanks a lot for the kind words about the game ! 

Glad I'm able to help out so much.

I was playing on Windows 10, 64-bit, if that makes a difference.

Excited to see what your game will shape in future. 

Also, a little side note, I got copyright claimed on my video due to the songs in your game, make sure you have proper licensing whenever you decide to monetize your game, otherwise you may end up in a poopie situation because of using their music without a license.

Yeah windows... it's strange because it was working on the pc i tested the version... However i believe it is now fixed for all versions (i hope !), and the puzzle AI is now easier (you only push the energy to 2,0 and that's ok)

Thanks again for your feedbacks ! 


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Gave it the ol' college try, the logic of the garage AI puzzle eluded me though... Sadface.  

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oh thank you man you’re so kind ! I m so sorry for that puzzle, i put the solutions on this page for today and it will be reworked by tomorrow… However you helped me A LOT with your run ! it’s very hard to find people to test and give feedbacks these days, and the game is still a prototype. Thx for the positive words on the story, you will have more and better soon in Chapter 1 !

Wait a minute, I did that in-game. Set the energy to the maximum and then turned on Red Alert mode. And nothing happened.... :| 

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yeah man you had it right exactly… i got  back home at Night, watched closely your full video and cried… It was a Satanic bug which was only present on the Windows version (and i didn’t notice it because i work on mac). It’s fixed by now !! I m so sorry man that it ruined your let’s play ! Your video was so cool and you clearly had it ! You would have finished the game… Btw If someone reads me, I would be happy to know if the Linux version is properly working as i can’t test it myself… mac and pc are fixed now.

Thank man for your understanding and for Debunking this awful bug ! You deserve the 4 millions :-)

This is like that time a puzzle didn't work because of the language that was set. And funnily enough, it was in a point-and-click adventure too. 

4 million would be nice but those are debunking money, Stan needs all the incentive he can get to entice people to come on his show. :) I'll take 4 million subscribers, that would be awesome. 

I'll remember to do a full playthrough for the next time I stream Debunker. Just in case... 


it was basically because the energy level needed is 2.0 on mac and it changes for 2,0 on pc… Watching you trying everything and becaming mad at it was a torture for me :-/

Thanks a lot for the video anyway ! Nice image and sound, nice presentation i love your style ! I know Stan is proud of it :-)


This was a well written and funny adventure game. Keep up the great work! 

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Thx man you're great ! You were soooo close to open your garage door... and see the following of the demo :-) Was not the end ! Glad you liked it anyway. Try the new version at the occasion, it's a big improvement on graphics and story.  Thanks for the positivity !


Good game! 

I like the smooth controls. 

When I saw the screenshots, I thought that maybe the different pixel size from background and characters' pixel art would collide, but then inside the game everything blended quite well, maybe thanks to the lighting.

Cool story, setting and artstyle!!


Oh thanks ! Exactly ! I messed a bit with sizes at the beginning but now i'm discovering post processing... at some point i will have to make the characters bigger or background smaller :-) Learning... thanks man !

and that's done by now ;-)

This game so cool i wait you new content!

Thanks ! Everything's on the way i should deliver on time ;-)


fun story

Thanks bro you're so nice ! I will add more story content and puzzles in the next update, this include completing the enigma of the garage AI. You will definitively access to your car :-)

Quick thing, when answering about his favorite animal & book Jose's answers are written in French when English was chosen at the beginning. :) 

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Oh thanks man ! It has been corrected by now ! I have just updated a more stable version. There was also a bug in parallax of level 2 causing jittering.

Thanks so much to have tried it ! Hope you enjoyed it !

I'm going to try the updated build today. Any ETA for the next update? 

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The update yesterday was only a small fix on english languages and jittering. I am looking to make a big story update in the next two weeks with total completion of two first levels, it's kind of draft right now, and with more interactions for the player and more story contents. And a teaser of the first big debunking investigation...  I will post a devlog at that moment. For now i'm really interested with first impression s in order to rework. What is ETA ?

Thanks for your interest man :-)


Thank you for the details, two weeks is close. ETA is Estimated Time of Arrival. :)